Work Disputes Resolution Commission will look over journalists’ cases

Thursday May 9, 2019

Statement No: 215

Work Disputes Resolution Commission which is established based on the regulation for establishing and operation of media agencies. The aim of this commission is to look over the job and work disputes of journalists, reporters, and rest of the private media employees.

Employees of private media agencies always claimed for the lack of job security, low employment conditions, as well as lack of pension rights, insurance, and promotion rights as their main challenges while in duty.

Previously, no such legal and institutional framework was available to address these problems and challenges. However, after the approval of the concept of journalists’ federation by the cabinet on drafting and implementation of such commission to ensure and elevate employment rights of private media agencies, is of considerable importance.

Based on the institutional framework of this commission, all private media agencies are required to align their human resources polices with the policies of ministry of work, and international standards. Employees of media outlets can complaint for any kind of violation of these rights.

The members of this commission are; representative of ministry of work and social affairs as director, representative of ministry of information and culture, and representatives of media federation and media outlets. It will look over the complaints of private media employees.

ANJU appreciates the establishment of this commission, at the same time, it calls on all employees of private media to refer their complaints to this commission to get it solved based on the drawn institutional framework.