Demand for addressing the Takhar reporters’ complaints

To the Interior Affairs Ministry of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan!

Plenty of local, national and international reporters in Takhar province have declared their complaints regarding unlawful behavior of Takhar police commander through a released letter.

A copy of the letter which is sent to Presidential Office is obtained by Afghanistan National Journalists’ Union (ANJU) now.

Reporters’ representatives from Takhar have separately contacted ANJU and asked to pursue their complaints.

Enclosed to this letter, the letter of complaint which is singed by reporters, is sent to you. 

ANJU as a journalists rights defending organization asks you to pursue the complaints of Takhar reporters as strict and soon as possible.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


M. Fahim Dashty
Chief Executive of Afghanistan National Journalists’ Union

Copies to:

- Information and Culutre Ministry
- House of Representatives

- Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission