To the Ministry of Information and Culture of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,

Mr. Zafar Bamyani ex-reporter of VOA Ashna Radio has complained to Afghanistan National Journalists’ Union (ANJU) for distortion of his report by officials of that radio. Because his life is in danger because of that destorted report now.

In Bamyani’s complaint letter to ANJU office he wrote: “...the report was  re-edited by Mr. Akmal Dawee supervisor of Dari section in VOA on March 19, 2013 and sent me back. But because my report was released in VOA website and  destorted, I faced with anger of Bamyan, Daykundy and Ghazny people. Meanwhile I recieved threats from Mr. Shujaee and his followers. Now my life is in danger.”

Further evidence that  Mr. Bamyani hand overed to ANJU include exchanged emails between him and Mr. Dawee, audio sound of original version of the report and the distorted version of that. All shows that Mr. Bamyani has worked according to the professional standerds of journalism. But later on the report is distorted.


in the reporting principles and to meet the standards of professional journalism, but later report, change the way in which charges and position against a departure from the standards of professional journalism imbalance Finally, the Kamlavazh.

ANJU has demanded the official channels to pursue this matter in order to restore prestige of Mr. Bamyani’s professional life and remove the threats against him and his family.


Fahim Dashty
Cheif Executive of Afghanistan National Journalists’ Union

Copies to:

-  VOA office in Kabul 
- US embassy, public relations office
- Reporters Without Borders
- Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission