Government-related news boycott in Ghazni province

Saturday December 21, 2019

Following lack of corporation and poor delivery of timely information between local government of Ghazni province and journalists, reporters have banned publication of all local government-related news until government agencies resolve these issues.

This decision was taken after provincial offices spokesmen were trying to share less information with reporters. Meanwhile, journalists were not allowed to enter local provincial office last weak once they were seeking to gather information and have interview about interception attack of Taliban on local army camp in Qarabagh district of Ghazi province.   

Access to information is a constitutional right of citizens and media in the country. Unfortunately poor performance of government agencies in this area, has been impeding access to information in many cases. 

Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union calls on central and local government agencies to solve these problems as soon as possible so as not to limit freedom of expression in this province.