The Peace Reporting Guideline Published

Saturday January 18, 2020

In the past few years, huge investment on war reporting by international organizations and media were reported in Afghanistan, which drastically increased capacity of journalists and media in this regard. However, these institutions recently need investments for their capacity development in the field of peace reporting. 

Afghan people nowadays are getting bored of news that cover violence and war in Afghanistan. Moreover, this kind of news are negatively affecting their psychological condition as well. It is role of media to focus on peace reporting in their news, which in one hand it will increase their audience that means attracting more costumers in free market, and on other hand it will increase their credit in Afghan society. That means a credible media can change the people’s mind-set in pursuit of peace and striving for peace. 

Understanding this need, Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union and Centre for the Protection of Afghan Women Journalists prepared a handbook on peace reporting. They used this way for promoting culture of peace reporting among Afghan journalists and media.   

The handbook is published in Persian and Pashto languages and is ready to be distributed to journalists throughout Afghanistan. Based on the content of this handbook, a series of training courses to Afghan Journalists are going to be conducted in all provinces.