Government Should Respond to Media Protest about Restriction of Access to Information

Tuesday February 4, 2020

Declaration No: 161

A number of local and national media protested against what they call intense restriction of access to information. 

In a gathering held for construction of Marinate of Freedom of Expression today, a number of media officials called Supreme Court, Attorney General, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Public Health, Presidency, National Procurement Commission and Central Bank as the most closed entities for access to information. 

The protested media called the current situation as serious threat to freedom of expression, urging the government of Afghanistan, international community and media support foundations to address these issues.

The Federation of Afghanistan Media and Journalists Foundations while considering any restrictions of access to information as violation to the current country’s laws; and supports media’s demand for providing access to information; it is also urging government of Afghanistan to seriously pay attention to their demand and does not hesitate to take any further actions. 

The Federation also accuses Ministry of Information and Culture and Kabul Municipality for have done nothing to construction of Minaret of Freedom of Expression despite three years of its foundation and calls on government leadership to accelerate construction of the monument and finish it as soon as possible. 

Directorate of the Federation of Journalists and Media Foundations of Afghanistan