Declaration about Corona Disease on National Journalists Day

Tuesday March 17, 2020

Declaration No: 217

Today 17th of March 2020 concise with National Day of Journalists in Afghanistan.

This day was celebrated on the initiative of Afghanistan Journalists Centre in the past years, however, this year and by the efforts of Federation of Afghanistan Journalists and Media Foundations, it was named as National Journalists Day by Afghan government.  

Afghanistan National Journalists Union congratulates the arrival of this day to all journalists and media practitioners across the country and wish them achieve further and continuous successes more than before. 

We are willing to be with journalists and media as before and trying to solve their problems, as well as, creating them better working space in our country. 

Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union calls on all journalists and media practitioners to carry out more accurate and precise reports about viral Corona Virus disease in this blessed day. There is no doubt that sharing these reports about protection and treatment of this disease through media will save many lives of our compatriots. 

We were going to hold meetings and ceremonies about the national day with journalists and media practitioners in different provinces, but later we decided to skip this year’s meetings and gatherings given to know the current situation of our country and respecting health aspects of each of journalists and media staff to become invulnerable to spread of Corona Virus disease.  

We demand from those journalists who are in touch with different levels of the society and the ones who provide information and news for people to seriously follow safety measures protecting themselves against spread of Corona Virus disease. No news are important than their lives.

Finally, using the occasion of this day, we appreciate all successful and experienced journalists and media staff as hardworking and militant generation. 

We wish journalists and media to seriously and widely continue their missions increasing awareness of people, despite existence of political, security and economic problems.

Executive Council of Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union