Reporting Guideline about COVID-19 for Afghan Journalists

Wednesday April 15, 2020

This prepared handbook gives information about cases of COVID-19 disease for Afghan Journalists. The content of this guideline provides journalists with the information about collection of tools, technics, resources and strategies, covering issues related to Coronavirus outbreak. It includes tools that identify facts, misunderstandings and hoaxes. 

With explosion of news about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its spread, it is imperative for reporters and news editors to provide accurate news to their audience; recognize the fact from fake and deliver news according to their importance and with the manner of accuracy and palatability. There are lots of fake and incomplete news about COVID-19 as well as health caring measures. People want to protect themselves against this virus and think to take different measures on hand to combat it, but unfortunately these measures often originates from rumors and fake news that is somehow accepted in the society. 

What clear now is that news coverage of Coronavirus have been turn to a big challenge, and reporters have faced a pandemic event that majority of its aspects are unknown that sometime lasts to the world’s illogical reaction. 

Accordingly, Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union have developed this handbook that allows journalists and media to be able to inform people with a wise and professional manner.