Celebration of World Press Freedom Day and Unprecedented Responsibilities of Journalists

Monday May 4, 2020

Declaration No: 218

Today the 3rd of May is recognized as the World Press Freedom Day. The 3rd of May is celebrated this year in the situation that world is engaged in a battle against a hidden enemy, and reporters and media are staying in frontline of this struggle due to their role in battle against COVID-19 virus. 

Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union in one hand congratulates this day to all journalists and media professionals, but on other hand wishes them to take into account the following several important issues.

First of all, they should pay attention to the fact that they should not cause fear among people during reporting and selection of notification method. 

Providing accurate information as well as broadcasting recommendations shared by health care professionals and foundations can help people combat this virus.

Health of journalists and media staff is one of the priorities for us, and our colleagues should take care of themselves while covering news related to outbreak of Coronavirus or struggling against it. 

Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union prepared a handbook in this regard and already shared it with journalists and media professionals. We hope that they use it carefully.

Once again, we congratulate the World Press Freedom Day to all journalists and media professionals of our country.

Executive Council of Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union