Holding a Media Training Program and Peace Reporting for Female Journalists in Kabul

Tuesday June 16, 2020

A one-day training program entitled Media and Peace Reporting arranged by Afghanistan Women Journalists Support Center in collaboration with Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union and TLO Office and with financial cooperation of Swedish Embassy in Afghanistan was held in Kabul where more than 20 female journalists participated.  

Mrs. Faraidah Nikzad, responsible of Afghanistan Women Journalists Support Center at the opening of this program said that the aim of this workshop was promotion of peace and reduction of violence in the society. She further added that today Afghan people face two major challenges peace and outbreak of Coronavirus. Considering health issues and preventing spread of this virus, the implementing agencies launched this program for the female journalists to somehow through media, promote and create peace mentality in the society. 

On the other hand, Mrs. Azima Jalil a trainer of this program beside of explaining its content, called for holding such programs in the future to facilitate peace process. She demanded from media managers and journalists to direct peace process for the benefit of the public people through considering principle of neutrality, broadcasting positive news and contribution in reduction of violence caused by war. 

Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union and Afghanistan Women Journalists Support Centre already conducted a number of training programs under the name of Peace reporting in various provinces, and the series is expected to continue in other provinces as well.