Pajhwok News agency and Anisa Shahid became the heroes of information

Tuesday June 16, 2020

Statement No: 221

Pajhwok News Agency and Tolo TV News reporter Anisa Shahid are among the 30 heroes of freedom of information who were released by the Without Borders Reporters organization during the epidemic of the Covid-19 crisis. 

Pajhwok News Agency and Anise Shahid, which showed their courage’s during the Coronavirus Pandemic crisis and took firm steps to inform the public, were included in the list of 30 information heroes that was reported by Without Borders Reporters organization.

The Afghanistan National Journalists Union (ANJU) congratulates the Pajhwok News Agency officials including staff and the Tolo TV reporter honorable Anisa Shahid and the entire of Afghanistan Media family. Finally, The Afghanistan National Journalists Union (ANJU) wishes them more and better success and achievements for the Afghanistan Medial Family.