Statement No 36

Yesterday, Mr. Azizurrahman Sakhee Zada, Mandegar columnist was arrested because of having a critical writing about Afghanistan's Anti-bribery and Corruption body.

When Mr. Sakhee Zada was presented in Investigation Department of the Attorney General Office in order to answer the prosecutor’s questions regarding his article, got arrested and detained.

According to the Mass Media Law any complaints about the contents and programs of a media outlet should be first and foremost investigated and reviewed by Mass Media Commission, and then if there were any criminal aspects, the case will be handed over to the judicial authorities.

It seems that Afghanistan Anti-bribery and Corruption Administration officials, especially its president has misused his influence and authority in arresting Mr. Sakhee Zada without following the law and contacting the Attorney General Office.

Afghanistan's National Journalists Union (ANJU) strictly condemns any illegal treatments while asking the Attorney general Office to let the case be followed lawfully according to the Mass Media Law, and be handed over to the prosecutors if it needed.

ANJU also requests  Attorney General Office to release Mr. Sakhee Zada from detention as soon as possible and let him to respond to the case legally.

Mr. Sakhee Zada is not detained because of any murder or smuggling charges to be afraid of his hiding or escape .

ANJU insists that all laws of the country should clearly enforced and nobody should have the right to raise cases without following the claims through legal means.

In another accident, Mr. M. Fahim Fetrat, One TV reporter was insulted and beaten up by Kabul Traffic Police and his equipments were destroyed.

Mr. Fetrat was trying to provide a report about traffic police activities in Pul-e- Kheshty area of Kabul city while one of the traffic policemen saw him taking shots of beating peddlers by Traffic Police. Therefore, the traffic policeman beat him with leather Pipe as well and broken his camera.

While condemning any kinds of violence against journalists, ANJU requests Interior Ministry Officials, especially Kabul Traffic Police, to penalize the traffic policeman who insulted and beaten up One TV Channel reporter, Mr. Fetrat.  


Afghanistan National Journalists Union

Executive Council