NB: This mission statement was created in 2002. At that time, media outlets and activities were limited, so the mission statement did not sufficiently address the media community’s needs. In the near future ANJU intends to review the mission statement so that it meets the needs of the media community.



In the Name of Almighty Allah, the Most Merciful and the Most Compassionate

The Afghanistan Journalists National Union (ANJU) is a social professional and well known by acquainted journalists with equipment of public training and press organization of the journalists foundation of the country. The equipments of the Afghanistan National Union of Journalists are scientific and practical progress and development of journalism toward securing democracy and solidity of peace in the region.

The National Union of Afghanistan’s Journalists take active part in generalization and promotion of theliteracy, social and cultural level of people and making them united for accomplishment of their national goals and structure of civil community the National Union of Afghanistan’s Journalists prepare all the journalist  of the country and are paving the way for scientific and practical promotion and development in cuspidation of vast potentialities of technology, cultural and modern arts and are definitely and logically defending from the rights of union members.

National Union of Afghanistan’s Journalists respects to the world Human right manifesto of the country and the United Nation’s charter as well as the extensions understanding and professional cooperation and friendship between the national and local journalists are basic goal of the Union.


Chapter One

Duties and Responsibilities of the ANJU:

The Afghanistan’s Journalists Union activities are based on principles of collective leadership and individual responsibility of each member of the union is to perform the tasks. The National Union of Journalists traces the following in order to achieve its goals:

  • Providing opportunities for the journalists in order to take active participation of Afghanistan’s Journalists toward accomplishment  and structure of education and civil society of the country based on social promotion and justice and defense from independency and territorial integrity and national unity.
  • It leads the journalists with a moral of national friendship and ethical, social and cultural responsibility.
  • Taking active part in promotion of journalists work and their professional and informational skills and to enrich the means of mass communication.
  • It supports the clearness talk critic and self thought of determining style regarding journalistic either in means of generalization or communication.
  • The promotion of the union rule towards strengthening and promoting by the traditional and historical friendship relations of the people of Afghanistan to the world nations and solidity relationship with the other structures and social and cultural foundations inside the country.
  • It works for extension and generalization of the best scientific experiences of journalists and progress of professional trading of members of journalists union of Afghanistan in consideration of community activity‘s necessaries.
  • Cooperation in support of the rights, social guarantees and other professional rights of the Journalists according to the valid laws of the country.
  • It struggles for raising quality level of the generalization communication means of the country to set up professional training courses and to set up seminars exchange of experiences pressing and publishing of the best journalistic issues inside the country.
  • Actively takes part in order to promote intellectual training and promoting the cultural and informational levels of the people through the propagandas toward the elimination of illiteracy in the country.
  • Introduce the journalists to the international unions of journalism training and to be acquainted complement authorities and prepares closed relationship by sending a delegation documents and journalistic traces with the regional, national and international foundations.
  • The union takes part in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the country and eliminate tensions at all levels.
  • Attempting in promoting professional journalism as scientific and practically establish the new information regulation.
  • The union will continue to assist and create active professional activity to study the modern and main issues of journalism and to assist the informational means in the country.


Afghanistan's National Journalists Union (ANJU) is desired to have necessary professional coordination with the training centers.

Academies, Universities and information centers in the country for fulfilling and arrangement of scientific and professional activity to achieve possible attainted to its scientific artistic and technological goals based on requirements dually step up in serving for extension of democracy and civil society.

Second Chapter

  • An Afghan citizen could become admitted as a member who has the legal age and is practically working in journalistic affairs, and accepted the constitution of the journalist and actively take part in comprising its article and has paid the membership fees to the Union after the executive board’s approval.
  • The corresponding, photo journalists and cultural journalists are admitted to the membership after approval. According to the article 18 of the social organization’s law.
  • Applicant of the Afghanistan national journalist union submitted written application to the Afghanistan national journalist union center to the provincial council in provinces the reception authorities of membership are obliged period to the union constitution articles for reception of the executive board.
  • After approval of reception commission and acknowledgment of executive board or executive board authority is validity the membership of applicant.


Third Chapter

The rights and responsibilities of Afghanistan national journalists union’s members

  • Afghanistan national journalist union’s members are possessed the following rights. member has the right to elect, to be elected and giving vote in all organizations of the union.

To participate in sessions cultural circles, seminars, conferences, courses, competitions and exhibitions that are established by the Afghanistan national journalists union.

  • Reviewing maternity and ineffectual assistances in performing professional work within budgetary conditions and practical potentialities of Afghanistan national journalists union.
  • Accompany in travels and dispatched delegation of the union to the inside and outside of the country based on the executive board decision and agreement of the governmental competent authorities.
  • Enjoyment of maternity and intellectual rewards of the union by the reason of showing initiative in active affairs having humanity moral in order to strengthen national solidarity in journalistic affaires by proposition of related professional council and approval of executive board.
  • Every member of Afghanistan national journalists's union possess the following obligation:


  • Performance of the content articles of the constitution by the time and comparing the decision and advice of the leadership.
  • Taking active part in provision work and means of mass communication.
  • Continuously promotion of knowledge, social, culture and professional skills level.
  • To effort for to be as an example in fulfilling social and professional duties
  • To create relationship with the life of the people and to strengthening this concoction through giving the generalization communication means for publishing their necessary data by the time as (tribune of people)

Professional assistance to the recruitment of journalists and offering own experiences to them, regarding to journalistic moral and saving credit in the duty.


Chapter 4th



  • Congress is the higher leading authority of the National Union of Journalists's of Afghanistan.

That is establishing once in three years period.

The invitation procedure of the delegations to the congress is to be determined by central superior council of the Afghanistan National Journalist Union.

  • The congress is holder of the following competences:

Hearing, Studding and approving of the central supreme council reports and determining next duties of the union to elect the central supreme counsel’s members

Disorganization of the Afghanistan national journalist union is taking place according to article 11 and 12 of Social Organizational Law.

  • The Afghanistan National Journalists Union is leading by central supreme council to the union during the distance between two congresses.

The ordinary sessions are establishing once in every six months.

  • Central supreme council of the Afghanistan national journalists union have the following competences:

To elect the executive board members, the chief and his assistants from the members of the central supreme council of the union, the chief and his assistants of the Afghanistan national journalist union are performing their duty for three years . In case to their good fulfilling and capacity, they could be proposed for council and congress. Hearing and evolution the report of executive board of the Afghanistan national journalist union:

In duration between two sessions in case of necessary reception to membership or dismissal from the central supreme council membership to the Afghanistan national journalists union.

  • The Executive Board leading to the central supreme council of the union along the duration of between ordinary sessions and is holder of the following competences:

Leading and organizing professional formation and training tasks and  to create agencies in provinces

Comparing and fulfiling the central supreme council and congress decisions.

Hearing the central branch and provincial council’s report in order to study financial issues of the union and its approval.

Determining yearly budget and consideration of maternity and intellectual retribution for the journalists of the country.

To ensure security to the communication expansion among the Afghanistan national journalists union, social and national foundation and other foundations which are working in connection with mass communication means based on securing social justice and democratic principles.

Selection of agent and delegation for participation in international community conferences after getting permission from the governmental authorities.

Preparing report from central supreme council activities.

The executive board consisted of the chief, deputies and journalists union  are always active chief of the leadership organizations of the union.

The deputies are regularly responsible from central branches of the union and provincial council to the leadership authority and reported to the executive board.

The directorship of the secretarial is undertaken the secretarial of the executive board the higher authority in provinces and foundation of journalists are provincial council conferences. These are performing in accordance to the executive board approval.

Creating professional council of journalists is approved on behalf of the executive board in provinces.

The provincial councils are led by constitution and decisions of the executive board authorities of the union and are connected circles between the leadership authorities of the union and people.

Chapter 5th

Financial sources

  • The financial funds of Afghanistan National Journalists Union is supported from the following sources:
    • Membership fees of members
    • The amount of member's fee is determined by the executive board
    • Income of publication press, cultural internal relief as governmental branches, organization, private and culturistic bodies. output of journalist club photography studio establishment of journalistic propaganda centers, publication ceiling stall, newspaper, magazine, internet and radio television.
  • Deciding on salaries and preference of professional administrative members employees of center and provinces are taken by executive board in consideration of the Journalists national union’s annually budget.
  • Afghan national journalists union possessed of organizing account offices according to article 8 of social organizational law.

Chapter 6th

Retribution and Penalty

  • Any member of the union that shows worthiness and capacity in activities his professional and journalistic duties may known ledged by Central Supreme Council or Provincial and could be maternity and intellectual reattribute.

The kind of retribution maybe determined on behalf of the executive board of the Afghanistan national journalists union.

Offering press’s prize in frame of union is the competence of the executive board.

  • In case, if any member of the union does not regard the content articles of the constitution and decisions of the executive authorities and central supreme council  is to be punished as following recommendation.


Discharge from the Afghanistan national journalists union.

The decision on discharging from the membership, and acceptance or resignation of membership is taken place by executive board.

Recommendation of oral and written warning is the authority of the executive board of sections in center which is the authority of the provincial council of the union.

Recommendation and written warning is issued on behalf of executive board and provincial council and is giving information to the central formation office.

A member of the journalist’s national union is discharged through two three votes to the executive board in center or in provinces by provincial council.

If a member of the union committed any contravention form the Afghanistan national journalists union’s constitution contents articles. Carelessness against the obligation to gain bad famous commitment for main mistakes. Reception of the mistakes that are caused a damage for the union, the violator is punished by discharging from the union in committed a financial losses to the union. The violator have to remedy the damage.


Chapter 7th

Disorganization and end the union activity

  • If the guarantees contains in the constitution is not performed by the reasons of undesirable situations, and the actions are repeatedly occurred against the moral of the text and are irreparable after a decision of the executive board according to articles 11 and 12 of the social organization, then the work is ended and financial cases are refined.


Chapter 8th

General articles

  • After receiving license from the honorable ministry of justice, the Afghanistan national journalists union is possessed of the personal and legal properties.
  • The Afghanistan national journalists union is possessed of central publication organization (journalist)
  • The Afghanistan national journalists union holds specified mark and seal.
  • Center of the Afghanistan national journalists union is in Kabul city.
  • The council could in order of the general development of union, the Journalists professional level promotion and defined from their rights and several other targeted cases that are offered by executive board consult.

And is attendees (chief deputy and 11 other members) elected central supreme council or necessary employment appointed by the executive board between two sessions.

The Afghanistan national journalists union is attempted based on professional importance and defend from the journalists classes rights of the Afghanistan national journalists union to be not depended its members of leadership and cadre to the government.

The Afghanistan national journalists union with maternity strengthening prepare and consult its admissible presence.

  • This constitution was prepared in 8 chapters, 42 articles and a remark , after approval by the central supreme council of the Afghanistan national journalists union is valid on  22 dalwah year 1382.
  • The Afghanistan national journalists union has been working actively since 1380 alongwith rehabilitation and reconstruction of national union of journalists. It actively and usefully worked and determined the quantification routine of its formation and the founders of the union are namely mentioned as under.
    • Academician head searcher Dr. Mahmood (Habibi) professional journalist, by performing extraordinary fields of the country possessed of ghazi Amir Amonullah mark and is accounted to a symbol of union and solidarity of journalists union.
    • Hafizullah (Barkzai) a professional journalist has record of more than 12 years in publication field.
    • Mirza Mohammad ( Keramat) a professional journalist has recorded of service more than 27 years in publication field.
    • Dr Fakhrudin ( sabaon) writer, poet and journalist has more than 35 years record of services in the field of publication.
    • Hamida (Osman) professional journalist has more than 10 years record of service.
    • Rahimullah (Khair Andish) professional journalist has more than 15 years record of service.
    • Mohammad Daood (Siawash) journalist has 20 years record of service in the field of publication.
    • Abdul Raqib journalist has 15 years record of sevice in connection to the publication.
    • Khairullah (Bashar Doost) journalist has records of service more than 13 years in  publication.
    • Abdul Rahman (Mamnoon) professional journalist has more than 13 years record of service.
    • Mohammad Kabir ( Rasa) journalist and writer has more than 15 years record of sevice in the field of publication.
    • Shafiqa (Habibi) journalist and excellent announcers and possessed of journalist resistance letter of commendation in work field as well as Holder of mark ( 21st hero women in century 21st) has record of service since 1338 in the field of publication of radio television .