Illegal Approach of Government Officials Against Journalists in Farah and Helmand !

Tuesday February 7, 2017

Statement No: 175

Two days ago, Baryalai Safi a correspondent of ‘Khawar’ TV station in Helmad province was detained for a day by ‘National Directorate of Security’. Mr. Safi was accused of publishing a news associating the governor of Helmand province with the ‘Land Mafia’.

It has been claimed that the published report is false and it is not based on evidence. 

The Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union while extremely condemns the detention of Mr. Safi, emphasizes that any media complaints should be prosecuted via ‘Media violations investigation commission’. 

We ask NDS to prosecute the detention of Mr. Safi and bring the perpetrators of this incident which is a serious offence, to justice. 

In another incident last weekend, Baryalai Ghafari the chief editor of ‘Faryad’ local radio station in Farah province has been threatened by Dadullah Qane, a member of the provincial council of Farah. 

According to a letter of discontent by Mr. Ghafari, he has been threatened by Mr. Dadullah Qane for opposing the governor of Farah province. 

In addition to his responsibilities in ‘Faryad’ radio station, Mr. Ghafari is also a civil society activist in Farah province. He had a key role in organization of protests against Asef Nang, the governor of Farah province. 

The Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union (ANJU) states that the cases of Mr. Ghafari and Mr. Safi have been forwarded to related agencies in Kabul and the Union will not rest until the perpetrators of these incidents are brought to justice.