The new undertakings of the Ministry of Information and Culture is praiseworthy

Tuesday May 9, 2017

Statement No: 179

The Broadcasting deputy of Ministry of Information and Culture has recently issued an official letter to all media organizations across the country, in which by mentioning some specific articles of the ‘Regulation on the Establishment and Operation of Public Media’ it has asked them to consider these regulations in their administrative routine. 

Articles 15 to 21 of this regulation states the responsibilities of media owners and directors to their employees including the conformity of their employment contracts to the provisions of this regulation and the labor law, the establishment of compensations for those reporters who work in war zones or cover terrorist incidents, and the salary and wages of journalists and media employees. 

Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union (ANJU) while welcomes these proceedings by the ministry of information and culture, asks all journalists and media employees to raise their awareness about their rights embodied in this regulation and work hard to achieve their legal rights and privileges. 

Based on the provisions of this regulation, we also ask the ministry of information and culture to form the dispute resolving commission between media owners and their employees as soon as possible, so the commission can address the discontents of media employees. 


The Executive Council of ANJU