The cases of violence against journalists have reached beyond the limits of tolerance

Tuesday May 23, 2017

Statement No: 181

Yesterday, the provincial editor of Media Market was attacked in Takhar. Although no harm has come to Mr. Habib Azizi and his companions and Takhar police headquarters have stated that they will follow up the case, the attack has already raised serious concerns. 

Furthermore on this very day, two journalists (Parwiz Romal and Noorullah Sherzad, journalists of Reuters and France news agencies respectively) were beaten by NDS officers in Jalalabad. This case was also promised to be followed up by the authorities of Nangarhar province. 

The Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union (ANJU) while declares its utmost concerns over such attacks, believes that the lack of prosecution of violence cases against journalists by related government authorities in previous years has created this assumption that anyone is able to commit violence against journalist without being held accountable by any authority. 

According to ANJU’s perspective, the judicial and security institutions especially the ministry of interior affairs and Attorney General have been utterly irresponsible and negligent in prosecution of violence cases against journalists, and this situation is no longer tolerable. 

ANJU asks its partners in Federation of journalists and media institutions to take decisive measures in the next meeting of Joint committee on the safety and security of journalists and media and to tackle this issue with the government once and for all.