The statement of the ‘Federation of Journalists and Media Organizations of Afghanistan’

Saturday June 3, 2017

Statement No: 014

Following the deadly explosion on Wednesday which claimed hundreds of causalities, Kabul was the scene of a demonstration aimed to express public disgust against this terrorist attack and to declare discontent for poor performance of security forces. 

The demonstration yesterday led to violence and a number of protesters were martyred and wounded. 

The news coverage of the demonstration and the related discussions in this regard in some media is questionable. 

A number of media in an unprofessional manner, reported the nature of the demonstration and the identity of protestors inaccurately while some others with their unprofessional reports and discussions enhanced the violence. 

A number of social media users also created a discriminatory and violent atmosphere over cyberspace by provocative comments and spreading inaccurate information.

The federation of Journalists and media organizations of Afghanistan rejects any unprofessional and personalized usage of media and with regards to sensitive circumstances of the country, asks all media users to comply with the established standards of journalism while covering the incidents, thus fulfilling their responsibilities while reporting and on the other hand, not fulfilling the desires of the enemy by willingly or unwillingly provoking public sentiments which may potentially lead to uncivil, violent and discriminatory consequences. 

We also implore the social media users to act responsibly and based on firm information while speculating on such issues so the news discourse remains unharmed. 

The federation also asks the government spokesmen to respond swiftly and accurately to the media needs to information in order to prevent a vacuum of information. 


The Federation of Journalists and Media Organizations of Afghanistan