National Directorate of Security should respond

Friday June 9, 2017

Statement No: 184

Later last night, Mr. Qadeer Ghafori a journalist for Radio Azadi and representative of Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union (ANJU) in Ghor province was beaten and detained by NDS officers. 

According to Mr. Ghafori, he was stopped by an unknown person with civilian clothes while he was returning home from one of his relative’s house. He was beaten after asking for the person’s identification and then he was taken to one of NDS offices in Ghor province and has been detained there for a couple of hours. 

ANJU asks NDS to address this incident seriously.

We also want to mention that the leadership of ANJU contacted the head of NDS in Ghor province regarding the incident, which was received in a quite vulgar and offensive manner.

ANJU affirms that in order to deal with Mr. Ghafori’s detention and the offensive behavior of the head of NDS in Ghor province with the leadership of ANJU, it will officially communicate with the headquarters of NDS and other related organizations. 


Executive Council of Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union